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Salt Optics Eyewear Tavita Sunglasses



It’s crazy cold in Italy right now. In order to shoot these pics, we managed to catch the only sunlight we had the chance to see in ten days or so. When I was in Ireland rainy days were routine but, in Italy, in May, it should be sunny and magical.

Well, it is not…. grrr

Anyway, it was impossible to shoot these pretty sunglasses in such a grey weather so, I waited and waited and waited until the sun came out again brightening my lovely city among the Alps.

So, may I introduce you to one of my favourite frames of this year? This powdery pink babe called Tavita, produced by the American brand SALT

SALT stands for Sea Air Land (&) Timeless and these glasses definitely embody this definition. Why? Because every SALT frame is based on pictures of a natural landscape and its stunning shades. The colour that I’m wearing, for example, was inspired by the sunset on a peaceful beach

Talking about technical details, all the frames are 100% made in Japan, which is definitely a plus in quality and technology, and all the lenses are polar.

By the way, I feel so pretty in pink! 🙂


















Find here Tavita sunglasses

…as usual PH Marianna Zanetti <3




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