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Giulia De Martin Behind My Glasses blog eyewear baush and lomb sunglasses laser edition mirror lenses pink slider

   BAUSCH SUNGLASSES LASER EDITION: BAUSCH +Β LOMB GETS BIGGER! Bausch + Lomb family gets bigger! New entry of the season these fun and glamour new collection of laser cut sunglasses.I chose the rounded design but, you can also find two more shapes on the official website.I have tu say: if you are looking for something easy to wear, comfortable and super cool (look at that pink mirror effect!) these are the glasses perfect for your summer!  BAUSCH SUNGLASSES LASER EDITION: BAUSCH +Β LOMB SI INGRANDISCE! La famigliaΒ Bausch + Lomb dΓ  il benvenuto ad un nuovo membro! La new entry di...

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