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Copenhagen Specs and Copenhagen Specs in Berlin

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Copenhagen Specs and Copenhagen Specs in Berlin: talking with Morten Gammelmark Founder & CEO   Last year it was our very first time in Denmark. Let me tell you it is more than a fascinating country! It's vibrant, young and full of energy with a subtle hint of magic. So, this year, Stefano, Marianna- our official photographer- and I are flying back to Copenhagen in March to take part of one of the greatest event for independent eyewear brands. Copenhagen Specs is such a great opportunity for newcomers and more well-known brands to meet the Northern Europe market. Moreover, the show is set in fascinating location, the Lokomotivværkstedet, which will give you a proper overview on the old and the new parts of the city. Last, but...

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PRADA SUNGLASSES FALL WINTER 17/18: THE CARTOON SHADES Last time I posted a Prada frame was to show you the greatness of the Baroque design (See more here). This time the atmosphere is less pompous but, more cartoonish. In fact, these shades remind me of pop art: the black profiles, the vibrant colors anche the simple design are fun belong more to a coming book then to a luxurious Italian villa. I love the color block effect though! It's great with a very simple outfit and basic colors. I matched my lipstick with the frame, focusing all the attention on my face. What do you think? Does it work? XD You can find all the Fall/Winter Prada Eyewear collection on the official website (see more...

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Neubau eyewear: the minimal side of me

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Neubau eyewear: from Vienna with love If you follow me in Instagram (if you don't you should! ^^ click here) you probably remember that I was in Vienna last June.  It was an incredible two days event in the occasion of the launching of the minimal and essential Neubau collection. Inspired by the Neubau block in Vienna (you should definitely go visiting!) and born from the experienced hands of  Silhouette eyewear, this brand new brand is everything for people who love pure lines, minimal design and frames that fit perfectly. I personally fell in love with the model here: it gave me the true combination I was looking for, between vintage vibes and modern allure. You can find out more about Neubau here and...

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