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Introducing Profili: LAMARCA new design

Profilo lamarca 2021 giulia de martin benind my glasses eyewear influencer occhiali da vista eyeglasses-5

Profili is the brand new design by the Italian excellence LAMARCA You already know it: when I see a cool frame I can't stop myself from smiling and, since a couple of months ago, when I visited TRIS OTTICA (the factory where LAMARCA is produced and designed), I've never put a sad face on. Let's start from the beginning:TRIS OTTICA (founded in 1991, 700.000 produced every year) is a company based in Veneto, Italy, specialized in working with acetate. Let me say it, they are brilliant! They put together and completely transform acetate slabs to create colorful combinations. The craftsmanship behind each piece is stunning. Well, TRIS OTTICA produces eyewear for some of the best brands on the market, but, it also designs its...

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WOOW 2020: Lucky You 1 eyeglasses

woow eyewear 2020 eyeglasses metal two tone frame giulia de martin behind my glasses eyewear blog influencer 2-1

WOOW 2020 Lucky You 1 eyeglasses: powder pink and bordeaux dreams Hi there! How are you all? We are stuck at home, waiting for all this madness to come to an end. While I look at these pictures that we took before the lock down, I feel nostalgic and happy at the same time: I deeply believe that going back to our normal lives will be probably one of the greatest moment ever. I feel lucky though, because my family and I are good and safe and the only thing we have to do is to patient and wait. Lucky You is the perfect frame to show you during these days, because, even if we may believe that everything is collapsing, imploding and...

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Naoned SANT LAORANS eyeglasses: be a movie star!

giulia de martin behind my glasses naoned french brand eyeglasses 2020 2019 -4

Naoned SANT LAORANS eyeglasses: when 50s Hollywood meet French design I told you would have loved even more Naoned! In my previous posts (here, here, here, here and also here) I showed you different styles and shapes of eyewear by Naoned and I firmly believe that this French brand is very eclectic, fun and a true chameleon. This week (not just a normal one, but Christmas week) I show my second to last eyeglasses of the year: this marvelous SANT LAORANS frame. The shape is inspired by Hollywood and the 50s, mostly because of the cat eye design, while the combination of metal and acetate is a true Naoned trade mark. I personally think it is a very versatile piece with modern lines and a vintage allure. What a better way to...

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