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Copenhagen Specs 2019

Copenhagen Specs 2019: an overview Our third year at Copenhagen Specs was great. Stefano and I are big fan of this fair: first of all because of Morten Gammelmark, CEO and creator of the event, who's such a smart and kind man! Second because of its coziness: Copenhagen Specs is a smaller fair - smaller compared to MIDO, Silmo and Opti- dedicated to independent brands only! Everybody know each other, like a village full of nice people, and that's one of the sides that I like the most. Plus, the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable. Overviewing a little bit the numbers, this year Copenhagen Specs counted 77 exhibitors 1076 visitors from 18 different countries...

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FACE à FACE: WINTER SUNGLASSES DREAM "Sophisticated" and "bold" describe at the very best this new Face à Face pair of sunglasses. The style is big and squared, the lenses are mirrored and rose gold and the colors spread 70s vibes. These are definitely my thing! Sharp and smooth, this frame is perfect if you want accentuate your cheek line and lift up a little bit the oval of your face. Plus, the metal bridge make these sunglasses perfectly adjustable and incredibly comfortable. I can assure they are not as heavy to wear on your nose than you may think. I fell in love with these sunnies at first sight and, I'm sure, you will too.                             Eyewear code Mod. SPARK1 Col.1167 Visit …as usual PH Marianna Zanetti <3  ...

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SNOB Milano: eyeglasses and sunglasses in one frame

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SNOB Milano: eyewear made easy Winter is here and I couldn't be happier! I'm definitely a Autumn/Winter person. I love Winter clothes and I love putting on layer and layers of cozy stuff. In Winter I also wear opticals more often than in Summer time. The sun is not so shiny and it doesn't bother me as it might in August. Moreover, I have the chance to wear light-colored lenses for sunglasses. That's why I fell in love with the concept of SNOB Milano: simple and elegant eyeglasses with darker lenses to put on top. The best part? Magnets! So, basically, when you add the colored layer, you can barely see the joints! Isn't it pure genius? Last, but not least, all the lenses...

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