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Opti 2023

OPTI 2023: 2022 is almost behind us, but Opti is kicking the new year with class! 2022 has been a rich year, full of news, emotions, ups and downs and, fortunately, a lot of fun and happy moments. However, it is time to leave it behind and get ready for a new roller coaster called 2023! I don't know about you, but I'm starting 2023 with the new edition of Opti Munich!     Opti 2023 is going to be full of news and exciting experiences! After a one-off special edition in May, the international trade show for optics & design will take place on its usual mid-January date from 13 to 15 January 2023, at the Fairground Munich. "t's great that opti 2023 in mid-January...

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THE opti BOX AWARD 2022

opti box award 2022 opti munich giulia de martin behind my glasses blog eyewear blogger influencer

THE opti BOX AWARD 2022: who's going to be the best start-up from the opti BOXES? I start saying the Opti has always believed in me, in us, in Behind My Glasses, since the very beginning. Opti got in touch with Stefano and I the very first year of the creation of this blog and never let us down. I'm beyond grateful and I'm moved by the fact that, even if the pandemic hit us all, the Opti team got back to me again, asking to be part of this new project: THE opti BOX AWARD 2022 (see more here). First of all, what's THE opti BOX AWARD 2022? After many years of the Blogger Spectacle Award (see more here) the show has decided...

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LA MARCA Mosaico 2022 Eyewear

Giulia de Martin Behind My Glasses La Marca eyeglasses occhiali da vista frame montatura Mosaico collection 2022-1

LA MARCA Mosaico 2022 Eyewear: a brand new feeling I introduced you to LA MARCA one year ago (you can see the article here ft the Profili design and collection) and I never stopped keeping my eyes one on this colourfull and classy Italian brand. When the company got in touch with me in early January asking for a new collaboration, I was enthusiastic! Promoting valuable eyewear is my goal, promoting valuable brands and people is pure pleasure. So, today, in this post I wear the MOSAICO collection: a collision of different kinds of acetate, that, combined together, create a completely different pattern and texture. Transparent, bold, saturate and embroidered...

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Introducing Profili: LAMARCA new design

Profilo lamarca 2021 giulia de martin benind my glasses eyewear influencer occhiali da vista eyeglasses-5

Profili is the brand new design by the Italian excellence LAMARCA You already know it: when I see a cool frame I can't stop myself from smiling and, since a couple of months ago, when I visited TRIS OTTICA (the factory where LAMARCA is produced and designed), I've never put a sad face on. Let's start from the beginning:TRIS OTTICA (founded in 1991, 700.000 produced every year) is a company based in Veneto, Italy, specialized in working with acetate. Let me say it, they are brilliant! They put together and completely transform acetate slabs to create colorful combinations. The craftsmanship behind each piece is stunning. Well, TRIS OTTICA produces eyewear for some of the best brands on the market, but, it also designs its...

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