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  LOW COST ROUND FRAMES: CHOOSE ONE OR BUY THEM ALL Round  frames are a must! You can't survive this coming summer without a pair of huge glass circles in front of your eyes! So, if you already have tons of sunglasses but you still want the most glamorous ones, have a look at my suggestions! They all come from ASOS and the all are totally affordable. I'll make a list of high luxury pieces as well, so you'll be able to compare and contrast...

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    HIGH LUXURY LOW BUDGET: PRADA STYLE FOR BROKE LADIES I love spending money! The only reason why I haven't spent all my money yet is because of my boyfriend, a wise man, who acts as Pinocchio's cricket every time I want to buy something that I (don't) need. Anyway, even if I love luxury items, one of the things I'm 100% sure of is the fact that you don't need to spend tons of money to have a perfect and stylish outfit. In order...

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Asos Christmas Gifts ideas under 50€

Asos Christmas Gifts ideas under 50€: Get Inspired!   Hallo everybody! I've been crazy busy this week, sorry about that! :( So, I'll post the second part of my miu miu shooting on Monday, I promise! Anyway, today I want to share with you a list of cute gifts under 50€ straight from Get inspired! And let me know if you have any suggestion or advice! :) Thanks a million! See ya! G   ...

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