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Shooting in Copenhagen: Dusseldorf Eyewear

Shooting in Copenhagen: our first collaboration with Dusseldorf Eyewear I'm super happy to introduce you to the special project we did while in Copenhagen for Copenhagen Specs (see more here). Copenhagen is such a good location for shootings, and the venue of the fair is one of them: the Lokomotivværkstedet – a more than 100 years old train repair shop. So, what we did was getting in touch with brands at the fair and organize a couple of shootings around the location. We...

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Copenhagen Specs and Copenhagen Specs in Berlin

Copenhagen Specs and Copenhagen Specs in Berlin: talking with Morten Gammelmark Founder & CEO   Last year it was our very first time in Denmark. Let me tell you it is more than a fascinating country! It's vibrant, young and full of energy with a subtle hint of magic. So, this year, Stefano, Marianna- our official photographer- and I are flying back to Copenhagen in March to take part of one of the greatest event for independent eyewear brands. Copenhagen Specs is such a great opportunity...

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