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Sunday Somewhere

  SUNDAY SOMEWHERE SUNGLASSES: HANGING AROUND THE ARENA I can finally tell you what we were doing hanging around Verona! Well, we shot an editorial featuring Sunday Somewhere sunglasses, in particular the spectacular pink beauties┬áValentine and Isabella. You know how much I appreciate round frames and mirror lenses, add then a pinch of pink and I'm totally yours! Moreover, these glasses are the favorites of Beyonce and they were all around Coachella festival. What else? A fun dress by the Italian apparel brand...

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  CUTE DRESSES FOR VALENTINE'S DAY What are you wearing Sunday night for Valentine's Day? Are you going out with friends? Are you staying at home eating ice cream? Are you going to the cinema with your loved one? Whatever you are doing always remember that the person you should love the most is yourself. Always treat yourself; remember to appreciate yourself, to console yourself, to be proud of what you are and to find the someone who appreciates you as you should be. Valentine's...

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