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Shooting in Copenhagen: Falvin Rose Gold 24k Eyeglasses

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Falvin Rose Gold 24k Eyeglasses: my second shooting during Copenhagen Specs Finally I can show you one of my favourite shootings ever! I took the pictures in my hotel room in Copenhagen, during my staying for Copenhagen Specs. White bed sheets and silk were the best to accompany this frame. Simplicity was the key word for this particular project and I did my best to make the glasses to stand out in such a intimate and romantic place. This is definitely...

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BLACKFIN Sunset Reef sunglasses: spring is back!

BLACKFIN Sunset Reef sunglasses: summer 2018 eyewear essentials You have no idea how happy I was last week when we shot these pics for the Italian eyewear brand Blackfin. The sun was shining, the temperature was warm and the air smelled like flowers (probably I'm exaggerating, I know, but it was really nice, believe me!). When I opened the window and I looked outside I couldn't resist to pick up the phone and call Marianna: it was the best day to shoot...

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  BLACKFIN EYEWEAR: ICE-COLD TITANIUM INSPIRATION I love sharp designs and cold atmospheres.¬†So, when I saw these crazy cool Blackfin titanium sunglasses/eyeglasses I decided to put the two things¬†together. Well, less is more, then! Protagonists of this post are: a plain white T-shirt, super cool make up (thank you Claudia, you are always the best!) and mat-finishing frames with mirror lenses. What do you need more? Flash tip: if you are looking for a pair of sunnies/eyeglasses to put on your nose and forget for...

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