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Hi there, how are you?

Here the sun shines bright and hot and we aren’t definitely complaining.

So, in order to give you some summer vibes and ideas for an effortless look, I decided to explore a more hippie style. I know, “hippie” is more than a boho dress and round frames but, what I want to do today is to give you a few hint of wearing your stunning new round and colorful pair of sunglasses (because you have one, right?…. right????? If you don’t, stop reading, go, get one and come back!).

So, here it is how to match your favourite round sunglasses with an effortless hippie summer look:

  1. Natural beauty – Don’t put too much makeup on! It’s summer time, you’re gonna melt! Keep it simple! I wasn’t even using foundation in these pics, I kept as natural as I could adding only eyeliner and my signature red lipstick. Doing so you balance the attention between the upper part of your face and the lower. Bare lips would work too, especially when you are by the beach.
  2. Flower prints – Use the power of flowers to make your outfit look fresh, colourful and cheery. Even more ethnic prints would look great.
    Loose and smooth – Keep it comfy, feel free and choose something that caresses your body.
  3. Long or short? – Maxi dress, midi dress, short dress? It’s up to you! I went for this long dress with cut out shoulders and a V-neckline. It’s simple and doesn’t really need anything else to look flawless, really.

Moving to the glasses I chose a brand new pair of Ray-Bans with raspberry red lenses and a gold metal frame. They are big, round and fun!

So, go out there and rock in your hippie effortless look!






















…as usual PH Marianna Zanetti <3

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