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For those who have no idea what I’m talking about and who just followed me on Instagram jumping from a place to another eating Sacher cake, last week I had the honour to be invited in Vienna for the launch of Neubau Fall Winter Eyewear collection.

Neubau? Never heard of it? Well, it’s the young line that Silhouette presented almost a year ago.

Urbanity and sustainability combined with authenticity and ingenious wit, that’s how you could describe Neubau eyewear. The inspiration comes from Vienna’s creative quarter, a  neighbourhood known as Neubau, obviously. The 7th district belongs to the young heads and everyday pioneers.

We had the chance to visit the block and I was more than fascinated to see all the little vintage shops, antiques, restaurants and gardens. Everything was fresh, millennial style and beautiful.

I really feel that the frames that I had the pleasure to try on embody 100% the spirit of this side of the Austrian capital.

There’s a plus, though: Neubau eyewear focuses on high quality and innovative eco-friendly materials combined with modern designs (WOW). Both conception and production are based in the country.

Let me say, I tried on almost all the frames and materials of the coming collection and these glasses, especially the optical frames, are so light-weight and bold at the same time that the result is uncanny.

Are you looking for the most comfortable pair of eyeglasses? I have just one name for you, Neubau.

P.S. The Italian crew was amazing! Thank you Claudia, Floriana, Martina, Giulia, Anna, Sabrina & Francesca. You are the best travel mates!

P.S.2 Vienna is STUNNING! I’m coming back for sure!























PH: Philipp Lipiarski

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