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Best and Worst Makeup Moments in History


Best and Worst Makeup Moments in History: a Lisa Eldridge new video

I am really bad at applying makeup, I can only put some lipstick on and draw a decent line of liquid liner. That’s the reason why I get super jealous when I see this lady on you tube.

This woman is Lisa Eldridge and she is my favorite makeup artist ever!

You may remember her because she used to do videos for Chanel where she showed the latest makeup collections.

Well, she doesn’t work with Chanel anymore but, she is brilliant anyway! Her style is amazing and I look forward to reading her new book Face Paint, which travels in the history of makeup.

That’s why I really enjoyed her latest video (see below) where she shows and explains the different ways makeup was approached in different eras and times.

Enjoy the video and tell me which look is your favorite 🙂