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So, here we are! Behind My Glasses is online and I am the happiest kid in the world.

However, first of all, I should introduce myself. My name is Giulia De Martin and I was born in 1991 in a tiny town in the north of Italy. I still live here, for now, but it is only a few months that I’ve come back home. I’ve lived in Ireland for two years! I stayed in the bright/fun/incredible/lovely Galway city where I first attended an Erasmus programme and then a Master Degree in journalism.

Yes, I’m a journalist, but I’m still learning!

I’m Editor in Chief and Art Director of, the one and only eyewear magazine, and I contribute to, a blog about architecture, design and lifestyle. Give a look to them both, they are pretty cool 🙂

Giulia de martin behind my glsses blog valentino pumps vogue book

Well, I should stop talking about myself and I should explain what is Behind My Glasses. This tiny, little, cute space of the World Wide Web is my personal diary where I can talk freely about one of my biggest passions: eyewear!

I can imagine you are not surprised, right? XD

Eyewear has always been a big part of my life: my dad is an optician and he has always tought me that a pair of sunglasses is indispensable for your health. Then, when I was 18, I started to work with my dad’s boss, Elena, one of the most important mentors I have in my life. Her idea was to open a blog,, and she wanted myself to run it. You can imagine how enthusiastic I was! So, after a few years, the blog was turned into a proper magazine and I abandoned the blogger title to try to become a professional journalist.

giulia de martin behind my glasses blog

Journalism is exhausting, amazing and one of the most rewarding jobs, however, at one point, I started to think about working on something complitely mine… a sort of space where I could share, with the people who have my same passion, the way I see the world behind my glasses.

So, this is going to be a widow on my life, a door to the life of a fashion journalist.

I will try to update this website as much as I can, giving you news, thoughts and style suggestions.

I will also post shootings to show you the best of eyewear according to myself and this will be the one and only post where I’m not wearing any eyeglasses or sunglasses. Why?

A pair of lenses is a true shield for me and I really feel naked without them on. It may sound contradictory but, this is the reason why I’ve preferred to show you first the myself without any barrier or any lenses to hide behind. This is me, a  young woman passionate about Vogue, with a deep love for 16th century English literature and a tea addicted. I chose this way to make you know me better, to let you know that I’m not only sparkles and glamour, that I a goofy nerd inside with a fashion lady attitude. Elena has always defined me a combination between Shakespeare and Marilyn Monroe and I’ve started thinking that, maybe, she’s right.

giulia de martin behind my glasses blog vogue book céline eyeglasses shakesperare tragedies

So, if you’ve ended up here, I really thank you. I’ve spent so many nights and days thinking about this project and, if you will appreciate even one post only, I’ll consider my job done in the right way.

I hope to see you again wandering around here and I will appreciate every thought and opinion that you may want to share with me.

I wish you all the best,


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