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Why Silmo 2018 is going to awesome

Silmo 2018: this is why you should definitely come! Eyewear + Paris = Silmo! What else! If you follow me on Instagram you already know that, this year, Behind My Glasses is going to be one of the official blogs of the French fair. Also, I couldn't be prouder to be part of the Silmo D'Or jury. What this blog has achieved so far is amazing and Stefano and I are simply honored. Well, moving on to the topic of this post, here you...

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NEW CONTEST SILMO PARIS 2017: BE THE COOLEST BRAND AT SILMO PARIS 2017 Are you an emerging and independent brand? Are you going to be at Silmo Paris this year? Yes?! Well, this is your moment! Send an email to attaching the pictures of the best pieces (eyeglasses) that you are going to present at Silmo. Giulia will choose among all the brands the best frame and she is going to wear it during one of the three days that Behind My Glasses crew...

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