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From Paris with love: Silmo 2017 part 1

Simo Paris 2017: our traveling diary part 1

I’m so sorry for the silence, guys! It has been ages since I posted on the blog but, it has been crazy lately… Stefano and I are finally moving together and we are now trying to make everything work. I hope to be able to show you very soon our new tiny but cute house.

In the mean time, I want you to be part of our French promenade à Paris, plus the craziness of Silmo 50 years exhibition.

Let me tell you, Paris is always Paris… it’s magic… the bistros, shops, museums… I would move to Paris in a second if I could (my French is so bad, though! XD 3 years studying the language in Uni and it’s all sadly gone… s****t!)

It was my third time in Paris but, it was also Stefano’s first, so we spent a couple of days doing “turist-stuff”. We went to the Louvre, we saw the Tour Eiffel, L’Opera… and we enjoyed good restaurants, walking around the city for ages without even realizing it.

In the meanwhile, we have already planned next year schedule: Versailles for sure is on the list!

Moving on the main purpose of our visit, Silmo was incredible this year and we were really honored to be part of its 50 years celebration with all the guys of The Eyewear Forum.

We not only saw amazing frames but, we also met incredible new people, plus, really good old friends.

So, enjoy the part one of our tour and stay tuned for part 2!


Paris: la vie en rose… the city and the Louvre
























Notre Dame, Moulin Rouge, Opera, Montmartre, Galerie Lafayette, Shakespeare & Co… pure magic























Christian Dior exhibition – Musée des Arts Décoratifs
























Coming soon part 2 of our incredible days in Paris! Stay tuned!