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From Paris with love: Silmo 2017 part 2

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Finally, our Silmo 2017 full diary!

It has been a crazy month! Stefano and I just moved to the new house and we were super busy to unpack stuff and put things together. Finally though, I found the time to sit down and share with you our Silmo 2017 experience.

Thanks to The Eyewear Forum first and then to the French exhibition, we had the chance to be special guests at the amazing eyewear fair in Paris. It was my first time at Silmo and I was not disappointed, at all! The pavilions were beyond huge and there were so many glasses and cool brands that it took us three days to see (almost) them all.

On the other hand, we love these kind of events because we can get in touch with new companies and we can meet old and new friends. Nevertheless, we so have the chance to travel a lot and see amazing places (if you missed part 1 of our trip to Paris, see more here).

So, enjoy the post and the pics!

Talk to you soon!





TEF does Silmo

We start with our marvelous The Eyewear Forum does Silmo wall: all the guys from TEF and us shot 50 different frames representing the 50 years of Silmo. 50 frames it’s a lot! But, it definitely worth it! The result was stunning! Thank you Maarten Weidema for the chance to be part of this incredible project and thanks to all the other bloggers to share this experience with us.

(Nuria and Miguel from, Jennifer from Chantal Goldfinger from Bytheeyewear and Martin Graf from Eyecom)

Last, but not least, thank you Marianna Zanetti for the amazing pictures <3




Maje eyewear collection





Joseph Haver







Woodys eyewear





Vedi Vero





Some Silmo Special prices winners





Sol Amor





Veronika Wildgruber (winner of this year Siro d’Or award)




Sunday Somewhere




Marble frames by Morà







Gabe eyewear




Feb 31




Face à Face












John Dalia





Mashiro Maruyama




Dita eyewear





Finest 7