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COPENHAGEN SPECS 2018: the diary

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COPENHAGEN SPECS 2018:  the independent optical fair in Scandinavia

Our second time at Copenhagen Specs was AWSOME! Meeting old friend and new friend while trying on some of the best shades of this coming season is always the best part of these kind of events.

Stefano and I love traveling and, this time, Marianna, our photographer (who graduated less than a month ago! Well done babe!) was with us so were finally able to include enjoy the best time of our lives altogether. Plus: she takes marvelous pics… she’s definitely better and Stefano and I!

Last, but not least, you’re gonna see Nuria and Miguel (La and Jennifer ( a lot in these pictures! This year we had the chance to spend more time together and it was lovely. I love our team.

What about Copenhagen Specs?

Entering inside the Lokomotivværkstedet, in the heart of the city, I must say, is always a charming experience. The atmosphere is relaxed, chilling and sophisticated. It’s nice to have more time to talk with brands, far from the chaotic craziness of most of the other fairs. You can discover more about the story of the brand, the inspiration behind each piece.

Morten Gammelmark, the founder of the event, did a great job to keep the genuine spirit of the show up, to make it stand out growing it’s uniqueness.

I really look forward to seeing how Copenhagen Specs Berlin (discover more here) is gonna be like! Berlin is one of the coolest city in Europe and I’m pretty sure it perfectly embodies the spirit of this event.

See you in Germany then, this coming October!






The The Eyewear Forum Official pub at Copenhagen Specs!


SALT OPTICS new collection (see more here)



Plein Les Mirettes de Normandie! (see more here)



Mokki eyewear (official website here)


Nina Mur! Winner of Blogger Spectacle at Opti Munich (official website here)



Sama eyewear from the sunny California!



Falvin! The Danish side of eyewear!  (See more here)



Look how lovely we are! Here wearing Xavier Garcia



Just chilling!



Massada, amazing brand made in Japan! (Official website here)

Lovely Nuria!!!



Woow eyewear makes me smile every time!



Stefano and Morten having a beer at the official The Eyewear Forum pub



Any di creations <3



Last, but not least, just us! Having fu at Kering with Gucci!