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Copenhagen Specs 2019

Copenhagen Specs 2019: an overview

Our third year at Copenhagen Specs was great. Stefano and I are big fan of this fair: first of all because of Morten Gammelmark, CEO and creator of the event, who’s such a smart and kind man! Second because of its coziness: Copenhagen Specs is a smaller fair – smaller compared to MIDO, Silmo and Opti- dedicated to independent brands only! Everybody know each other, like a village full of nice people, and that’s one of the sides that I like the most. Plus, the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable.

Overviewing a little bit the numbers, this year Copenhagen Specs counted 77 exhibitors 1076 visitors from 18 different countries… not bad! Not bad at all!

For the 2019 edition joined in also the contact lenses and the machinery industry.

The more the better! Don’t you think?

Last, but not least,Copenhagen Specs is officially part of Silmo Family! I’m more than curious to see how this partnership is going to develop… for sure, it’s gonna be great!

See you next year Copenhagen!


Visit the official site here!

…as usual PH Marianna Zanetti <3